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    Compliance Innovations Begins Electronic/Digital License Plate Testing

    Columbia, S.C. – Columbia-based Compliance Innovations, LLC is now conducting internal testing of its Generation IV digital license plate. The company, founded by David Findlay and Brian Bannister ten years ago, specializes in producing electronic vehicle license plates that can be used by law enforcement to determine if the vehicle is stolen, handicapped, uninsured or even involved in an Amber Alert.

    The product will reduce the volume of uninsured drivers on our roads and increase compliance and compliance-related revenues for state and local governments. According to the national Insurance Council, 15% of drivers are uninsured costing the nation approximately $150 billion a year.

    The battery-powered plate is less than half of an inch thick and receives cell signals from a central server to update the tag display. The Gen IV product is fully ruggedized, water-proof and will be available for further testing by states and foreign governments. The tag will last five years if updated daily or more than eight years if updated monthly. Initially, the plate will be tested in states that have expressed interest.

    Demonstration and negotiations for testing are underway in Washington D.C., California, Florida and Pennsylvania. California and Florida have passed legislation authorizing the development and study of digital license places.

    Following the successful completion of the internal test cycle, Compliance Innovations will begin pilot testing the tag across the nation, and soon the globe.

    For more information on the Generation IV digital license plate or compliance Innovations, LLC, please visit or contact Richard Butcher at

    About Compliance Innovations

    Founded in 2006, Compliance Innovations, LLC is a Columbia, South Carolina based company developing an Electronic Vehicle License Plate. The plate is designed to allow the issuing agency or law enforcement the capability to change the status of the license plate, regardless of the vehicle location, when the compliance status changes to expired or suspended.

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