Product Information

The Problem:

  • Uninsured Motorist (Cost an estimated 150 billion in the US alone)
  • Current vehicle identification technologies are 60+ years old
  • Entities relying on stickers (month/year decals) are ineffective for their intended purposes
  • Attempts to remedy these problems have only been marginally effective (license plate readers, RFID, digital license plate, etc…)

Our Solution:

  • Compliance Innovations patented application for e-paper utilization with the 21st century electronic tag
  • The ability to produce a vehicle license plate which can be change wirelessly to reflect current registration status
  • A digital license plate with ultra low power consumption
  • Provide visible compliance status to law enforcement and the driving public

Competitive Advantage:

  • No other product with immediate visible compliance notification
  • Product can be tied into the existing Amber Alert notification system
  • Eliminate month/year decals. If concept is still requested, it would be part of the display
  • Increase revenue (County, Local, Municipal, State. etc.)
  • Increase compliance rate
  • Increase highway safety
  • Increase insurance industry revenue
  • Used by law enforcement in the visible notification of a crime committed (stole plate, stolen vehicle, etc.)
  • Law enforcement will no longer be required to collect suspended license plates only ( known as memorandum officers)
  • Eliminate decal fraud (internal and external)
  • Eliminate International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) decals, IFTA decals can be incorporated into Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)
  • Incorporate the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) program into the CMV plates (38 jurisdictions participate in this program)
  • Incorporate USDOT numbers into CMV plates (these change frequently, depending on who the carrier is leased to)